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Beyond creating conversations around mental well-being, we can take a more active role in showing support to our loved ones.

Regardless of where we are from, small actions can show that you care and they can make a difference.

Join us in this regional walkathon to pledge your support and commitment to the journey with the people around you.

Your contribution will go in support of the cause of suicide prevention in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

#HOWRU Virtual Walkathon Opening Ceremony


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#HOWRU Virtual Walkathon

Everyone has a role to play in preventing suicide. Beyond creating conversations around mental wellbeing, we can take active steps to support those around us.

The #HOWRU Virtual Walkathon signifies the start of that journey. Reaching out for help is not easy, as part of the community, we can be the ones to check in with those around us and connect with them. During September, which is Suicide Prevention Month, we urge you to take the time to strengthen the bonds with your loved ones in any way you can, be it through having a meal together or by having a walk together in the late afternoon (in person or even virtually).

Launched last year amidst the start of the pandemic, the #HOWRU Virtual Walkathon garnered the commitment of 4,013 individuals who walked more than 180 million steps. This year, noting the lasting impact of the pandemic we are joining hands with Befrienders Kuala Lumpur, Samaritans Thailand and The Samaritans (Hong Kong) to amplify the combined work that we do in suicide prevention.

Join us the Virtual Walkathon in groups of two or more. At these uncertain times, let us encourage one another that we will be on this journey together.

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Your contribution will go in support of the cause of suicide prevention in your respective home country, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Every step we take as a community brings us closer to reducing the stigma of suicide, mental health and early help seeking behaviour.

#HOWRU Care Packs

With an additional contribution of $15, you will be eligible for a limited-edition care pack which includes specially designed socks and postcards. The proceeds of the care pack will go to Samaritans of Singapore. There will be additional shipment charges for overseas participants.

Purchase the care pack at 42Race if you are a participant or at

Participants from Malaysia will receive a care pack with a T-shirt, specially curated by Befrienders Kuala Lumpur.

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Our Past and Present Supporters
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